Dr Laith Barnouti

Dr Barnouti Sydney Plastic Surgeon

The very first thing which a person is required to do before the surgery is to find an experienced and expert cosmetic surgeon. Dr Barnouti is one of the most experienced and probably the best cosmetic surgeon in Sydney, Australia. Dr Barnouti will first go through the medical history of the patient and then gets the knowledge about the patient’s desires and the result which he or she wants to see after the surgery. After which he will provide you with a small presentation on the Rhinoplasty procedure that will be suited for you. In some of the cases the patient is not required to go through the procedure as sometimes the desired result can be obtained by soft treatment only.

The Surgery

Dr Barnouti adopts different methods according to the requirement of the patient and also depending upon the situation of the patient. He mainly reshapes and sculpts the cartilage and the bones of the nose for providing an improved look. Dr Barnouti gains access to the area of the nose to be operated by one of two means: either by a small incision across the columella, or directly through the nostrils. The adaption of the Rhinoplasty procedure completely depends upon the nature and condition of the patient.

After Surgery

After the completion of the surgery, a cast or splint is applied as the nose tends to get very sensitive for few days after the surgery. After the surgery one gets swelling along with the pain which is normal and the swelling can be minimised by ice packs or cold compress. There will be a very small mark on the nose after the surgery which will not be permanent and will definitely vanish completely in about 7 to 10 days. There will be certain things which will be restricted to the patient for a short period after the surgery; like the patient is advised not to touch the area of surgery again and again, and he will not be allowed to wear t-shirts with tight neck. Stitches will be removed in 5 days and the person can return to his or her normal life after 7 days but it is advised to take full bed rest for about 2 days and to avoid intense physical activity for about 3 to 4 weeks.

Plastic Surgery Cost

Total cost of this treatment is $5,900 which includes the fees of surgeons, fees of the assistant surgeons, hospital charges, charges of the operating theatre, anaesthetics fees and all the costs of the follow up visits. This price is only applicable when the hospital covers the cost of different medical items from the private funds; and if the fund cover is not applicable, then an additional cost of $3000 is incurred.