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Rhinoplasty, which is commonly known as Nose job is a cosmetic procedure which is performed to alter the look of the nose. But there are many people who have this confusion whether Rhinoplasty occurs under the medical treatment or the cosmetic procedures. In reality medical Rihnoplasty and Cosmetic Rihnoplasty are completely different from each other. Medical Rhinoplasty is used for helping the patient to breathe in natural way if he or she faces difficulty in proper breathing, whereas cosmetic Rhinoplasty is carried out to change the look of the nose.

Medical Rhinoplasty

The main aim of performing this procedure is to increase the breathing ability by simply opening the airways. Normally it is performed on the patient to open up their partially blocked or blocked airways. This is performed only for tackling their breathing problem and not for changing the look of the patient's nose.

Cosmetic Rhinoplasty:

As discussed earlier it is very different from medical Rhinoplasty. Cosmetic Rhinoplasty covers all of the procedures which can alter the look or appearance of the nose. Cosmetic nose job is generally performed for getting a suitable and better look. Some of the people have the desire to remove the lumps and there are others who have the desire to change the width or the tip of their nose to have better appearance. Therefore it can be said that the medical Rhinoplasty is performed for sorting out breathing problems and cosmetic Rhinoplasty for changing the appearance of the nose. The nose is divided into different regions which are: middle dorsum or bridge, upper fixed root, and the tip region or the lower moveable lobule. All of the regions of the nose can be altered or changed and a nose that is very broad, too big, very long, with prominent bridge or hump, broad, drooping, heavy tip or rounded, depressed or crooked, flaring, short and wide can be easily given a pleasing look by correcting their very look. Nose job is mostly performed with the Turbinectomy or Septoplasty so that the breathing can also be improved at the same time. This procedure is carried out from the inside of the nose and thus it causes no scares.


A surgical procedure which is carried out to correct the deviated nasal spectrum (displacement of the cartilage and bone which divides the two nostrils) is known as Septoplasty. This mainly involves repositioning of the nasal septum. In some of the cases the surgeon is required to cut and remove parts of the septum before repositioning it to the right place. It can be said that Septoplasty is simply the procedure which is carried out for correcting the shape of the septum of the nose. The main aim of carrying out this procedure is to correct deformities and defects of septum. A nasal septum is nothing but simply a separation between two of the nostrils. The septum is mainly made partly of bone and partly of the cartilage. The deviation in the septum is either because of the injury or they are present from the birth (congenital). Most of the people with the deviated septum do not develop any of the symptoms and only the severely deformed septum produces significant symptoms which require surgical intervention. However, during Rhinoplasty procedure septoplasties are generally performed.


The most common problem which is found is the nasal obstruction which is treated by the otolaryngologists. Turbinectomy is a procedure carried out for opening the nasal passage by removing the soft tissues and bones. Turbinectomy can take one of several forms when used for treating the snoring and obstructive sleep apnea according to the individual's anatomy. The surgeon can either remove the soft tissue and bone or can remove the bone only. This can be achieved by electrocautery, microdebrider, or cauterization.

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